Heating, Climate control, Air conditioning, domestic water and waste water

New builds, refurbishments and consultancy
The company

Founded in 2011

Rapid and efficient operations

The company ADEMKA (French legal status SAS: Société par actions simplifiées) specialises in work concerning the production and distribution of energy in the construction domain: Heating, climate control, air conditioning, domestic water and waste water for new builds and refurbishment projects.

Capable of responding quickly and efficiently to jobs on any site, the company is the reflection of the men and women who make it up. A company of human scale, it is recognized and recommended by all energy sector professionals in the construction industry.


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Our company is ambitious and dynamic.

ADEMKA has over 12 years’ experience and more than 120 serious customer references. However convinced of the efficiency, competence and professionalism of its teams, the company still provides continuous individual training for all its personnel.

ADEMKA also takes an active role in the protection of the environment. In order to comply with the standards of the profession, to be in accordance with regulatory requirements and to promote the search for real environmental added value, our company has developed its own approach to environmental issues; an approach which participates in sustainable development and identifies and enhances our projects from start to finish.

Whilst hoping for a real awareness of this problem by all the players of our profession, we are convinced that our bold approach will make a true difference.

Capacity of our company

ADEMKA is a key player in the energy sector in our region. It possesses the capability and expertise to :

  • To lead big projects whilst respecting the work schedule and deadlines
  • Advise customers and general contractors on overall energy strategy and on choosing the right technical and energy solutions
  • Keep up to date with latest technology
  • Offer a global and credible service which represents the essential values of the culture of our company

Our three values

  • We assist you before, during and after
  • Quality assurance to satisfy you
  • Respect of the environment

Our aim everyday

To promote the image of our company through the quality of our different projects.

Why choose ADEMKA ?

Choosing to work with our company ensures you the perfect mastery of your projects from the control of the operations, the costs and the delays and the respect of our environment.

The name ADEMKA

ADEMKA is a French brand registered on 11 October 2013.
It is registered under the number n° 13/4039223 with the l’INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle).